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"How New Agents are Selling $200,000 - $400,000 IRA Rollovers Using our IRA Lists with our 3-Step Postcard System?quot;

Amazing New 3-Step Postcard System Discovered by a 'Lead Junkie' Who Generated 20-30 Leads Weekly For Himself For Over 25 Years With Everyone contacting him!

“I’ll Show you how to become a  LEAD GENERATING MACHINE in the IRA Rollover and the 401 K Rollover Market
Dependant on no one Except Yourself.?/span>

Russ J. Jones is the #1 Authority on sequential mailings using a "3-Step Postcard System?quot; and a prospecting and client newsletter. He specializes in using IRA, CD Holders and Affluent Widows lists to generate leads in a niche market. Questions on marketing call Russ J. Jones at 435-881-7138. I'm serious please call me TODAY and let's talk about your current marketing campaign!!!

We even offer you a no risk Million Dollar Guarantee that if you don't write a million dollars of new IRA Rollover and Annuity Production over the next 13 months with using our "3-Step Postcard System.?quot; we will refund your money.

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     And if that is not enough, you will have a Free Trial Offer for Our Revolutionary  New "Annuity Pro Lead Capture Web Page, email auto responder," and monthly client newsletter This system will drip on your prospects with special reports and a monthly client email newsletter.  You will also receive access to a printed version of our newsletter to be mailed out to clients and prospects. We even will waive the $495.00 set-up fee.  This offer good for the next 11 days.

"How In-the-Heck does an 'Old Geezer' 76 Year Old Insurance Agent, Needing a Walker To Get Around, Crippled by Arthritis, Can't Drive Himself because of Poor eye Sight, Still Consistently Write Over 2.5 Millon Every Year In IRA Rollovers and annuities and Still Only Works 15 Hours A Week...Doing What You Aren't"

Plus, You'll learn:

"How You Can Quickly and Easily Become a Top Rollover Specialist in your Area and Start Selling $200,000-$400,000 IRA Rollovers with Average Commissions of $14,000 to $28,000."

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Now you can start riding the Tidal Wave of IRA Rollovers and you can discover how to get your share of the 18 Million rollovers just waiting to be rollover in the next few years.

This is the BEST time in history to be in the IRA Rollover market. Can you give me one good reason why you’re not making some of those $14,000 to $28,000 IRA Rollover commissions in your town.

If you could pick only one niche to master, the one with arguably the most potential to bring in new assets for advisors, then I would tell you without a doubt it’s the 401k rollover market. That’s because the baby boomers only retire once, and it’s much easier for advisors to acquire rollovers dollars before they are moved to an IRA account somewhere. Over 15 Trillion of dollars are literally up for grabs.

Let me ask you four very important questions that could double, triple even QUADRUPLE your income over the next 90 days.

1.     Are you in the IRA Rollover business or do you just sell one when it falls into your lap and if I could show you how to become  a Multi-Million Dollar IRA Producer would that excite you?

2.     Would selling $200,000-400,000 in IRA Rollovers every month change your lifestyle.

3.     If I could show you how to get your share of the $15 Trillion that will be moved from 401 (k) plans into personal IRA’s would you be interested?

4.     Can you imagine yourself writing a $1 Million…or More in IRA Rollovers monthly.

5.     If you answered yes to these four questions then:

Give me just 90 days I show you how:

How to become a million dollar producer by specializing in 401 (k) rollovers.

If you can follow simple “Grade School?paint-by-the-numbers steps you can get rich slowly as a “Retirement Specialist?/b> in the IRA Rollover business.

You will discover the  scientifically tested marketing pieces and sales strategies you MUST HAVE in your rollover arsenal tool kit. Can you imagine having a treasure trove of marketing tools that attract IRA-rollover dollars like teenagers are attracted to a Hannan Montana rock concert.

The biggest mistake that almost all IRA Rollover marketers—even the savvy ones—are making with their advertising and marketing. Correct this, and watch income sky rocket.

Flood your business with eager new customers (no matter how dismal your efforts have been before in marketing to the IRA Rollover market in your area)?/i>we’ve developed a sales letter to pave the way for you to present your expertise in IRA Rollovers to the Human Resource Director in your local large companies.

How to discover every baby boomer in your local area who are beginning this mass migration into retirement who have this fresh cash ready roll over into an IRA.

The number #1 marketing strategy you need to master in order to sell more IRA Rollovers in a month than most advisors will do in the next three years.

How to attract clients that will gladly want to meet with you with retirement accounts worth six and seven figures.  Yes, that’s right! I’ll show you how you can average from $14,000 to $28,000 in commissions by following our lead.

WARNING:  I’ve found that some agents I know have been so spoiled by these high commissions that they won’t drive across town to pickup a $200 commission on a life Insurance or health plan.


My name is Russ Jones and I am that “Lead Junkie?  I’ve been in the Insurance and Marketing Business for over 33 Years.  I live, breath and sleep Marketing.  I have helped hundreds of Agents make a six-figure income…by teaching them the most important skills in this business, Marketing. Which insures them a steady flow of Qualified leads.  Everything you’ll discover in this Special Report is based on thousands of hours of real-world “in the trenches? experiences. 

“I had a 100% profit with my Postcard mailing.  I sent out 1,100 IRA Rollover postcards the first time and got 11 Responses.  Of these I closed 3 for a $5,100 commission.  I hope I never have to do anything but mail again, NO MORE SEMINARS with all those people wanting a free meal.  Thanks so much.?nbsp; R. Russell Topeka, KS.

Russ, in the month of October we did $93,000...that's not was commissions using your IRA and CD lists.  Your dripping campaign of using postcards and your monthly prospecting and client newsletter works!!! As you told us we needed to do sequential mailings and the funnel is filling with good IRA Rollover prospects. Ron Fara Ill.

“Thanks to your 3-Step Postcard System on my first 1500 postcard mailing I wrote the largest annuity of my career.  It was a $770,000 annuity rollover from an IRA distribution.?nbsp; I'm taking your advice and putting 30 percent of my commissions back into direct response marketing using some of your postcards and your lists. My wife and family can't thank you enough.  Thanks for the phone advice...I told another agent friend about you. Tony Cervantes, MI

Russ, thanks a million...My wife threatened me to get out and get a real job.  Thanks to your advice; CD list I bought from you and your door approach last week I wrote three annuities for $166,000. Also, this week I've written three small annuities.  About $14,000 in commissions...Boy, Russ your not kidding when you told me to focus in on marketing and being positive is a winning combination. P.S. I've told two of my agent friend in another state about your system.  Anthony Huff Katy TX.

“Russ; they worked!  I just sent my first mailing and the first response was 37 leads in the first week.  I am sending out 3500 every three weeks.  So all the leads will be added to my monthly newsletter.  Last month (JUNE 07) we wrote $904,000 in annuities.  The first time in a long time I made $78,300 in a month.?nbsp;

Your prospecting and client newsletter I send out last month, out of 400 send, I got 14 leads and closed $162,000 in sales to existing clients, plus I'm picking up another $112,000 today.  (by the way the cost of the newsletter was $238.00) best return I ever got. Thanks to your newsletter and postcards those two spokes of marketing add another $200,000+ to my income last year.

Michael E. Smith  Ill.

Russ, June 08 was a Great month...$120,000 in commissions...$68,000 for July...Last week potential of 1.6 Million in annuities.  Oh by the way something must be going right...For August I am at $207,000 in commissions...This is the second largest month of my 20 year career.  My first largest was $327,000. Thanks for your help...R Fara, IL.

“I picked up at least three marketing ideas talking to you over the phone that increased my income this year by at least 30 times the cost of your marketing course.  Theresa Busque 

Let’s Face it.  How many times have you said to yourself, ?/span>I love this business?  If I could just skip the prospecting part, I’d be happy as a clam! There’s nothing I hate more than cold calling and begging for leads.  I want interested prospects calling me!”…?

Please Read This Report Completely and I’ll Show You How to Build a Dependable, Predictable SYSTEM, That Builds a Stream of Prospects Who All Contact You!

After reading this report, call me with any questions.  Russ at 1-435-881-7138

"WARNING: Don't let anyone interrupt
you from reading the following words. Why? Because it could cost you thousands of dollars. So lock the door ... take the phone off the hook ... basically "block out the world" - because what you are about to discover is revolutionary and has the potential to change your life forever."


Well, Give me 90 Days and I'll Help you discover:

  • How to set 7-12 highly qualified prospects to CALL YOU each week using my postcards and phone approach.

  • How to use our CD, IRA Holders and Affluent Widows lists to build a multi-million dollar annuity marketing business.

  • How to use my "3-Step Postcard System?/font>" to eliminate cold calling and instead have motivated ready-to-act clients call you...(it could happen for you once you know what I will teach you)

  • How to use our monthly client newsletter to create an avalanche of  referrals  from unsolicited referrals from satisfied clients, CPAs, attorneys and other financial professions...

  • How to seize prospects' attention and instantly steer them away from taxable CD's and make them desperate to own your product or use your service

  • How to crush your local banks, stock brokers and other competition like a big over weight six-grade bully picking on a wimpy classmate! (believe it or not, it's quite easy to do)

  • How to make increases in production by 25%, 75%  up to 248% in a few short weeks, for having a sequential mailing postcard system in place! (Don't believe it? You'll see actual proof how I produced an average of 153 leads a week for my Insurance agency!)

  • Where to get access to our Internet Postcard Print and Mailing System that will do your sequential mailings all on auto pilot. (Will show you how to have your mailing done for you working only 20 minutes per week and prices as low as $320.00 for a 1,000 postcards.  (This information alone is worth $1,000's to you.)

Now, if I can show you this ... and more ... would that be a good investment of your time right now?

If so, then you're about to discover my life's work that has taken me over 15 years to fine tune and turn into something nearly anyone can use ... and profit from. 

Sample Personal Touch Postcards with Average return of 1.35% on our first sequential mailing.

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your sales with our
"3-Step Postcard System


I Love This Business But……?/span>

      Do you ever stay awake Sunday night wondering who to call on the following week?

   Is your week filled with prospecting for appointments?

  Do you look at your company’s newsletter and wonder how in the world the top agents write so much business?

Is it frustrating that the home office marketing program was designed by a “Home Office Employee who has never been in the field, or even worse, failed as an agent and is now teaching you how to market prospects?

Do you dream about daytime appointments filled with affluent prospects?

Does you spouse say to you,  “just get out and make money??nbsp;

If you answered yes to any of these questions you are like most insurance agents and financial advisors, who don’t  have enough highly qualified leads.  I hear it all the time, you work more than you should, make less than you’re worth and put up with stupid  excuses from worthless prospects who simply waste your time and gas. Right?

I’ll show you how to Eliminate the Torture of Traditional Prospecting

?span style="font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: normal; font-size: 7pt; font-family: Times New Roman">           With our qualified lists of CD, IRA, Annuity owners and affluent widow?In YOUR area. With our dependable, predictable 3-Step Postcard System with prospects calling you.

?/font>           With our monthly News Letter that you can personalize with you name and picture.

?/font>           With our special pre written Postcards and Reports that can be personalized.

?/font>           With a knock-em-dead telephone approach that gets 5 appointments per 8 calls from people who all called you.

?/font>           With the secret of endless referrals :  How to get people to automatically refer their friends, family and associates to you.

?/font>           With a real person on the other end of your phone, discussing with you, your own personalized marketing campaign.  Russ Jones 1-435-881-7138!!!



Every Platinum Plan order placed before midnight  tonight  will receive our brand new "Annuity Pro Lead Generating Website and Auto Responder and we will waive the $495.00 Setup FEE In addition you will receive the first month free of our Platinum Club membership. Limited Time Only! Click here to order


Wrote 56 Life Policies in One Month


I’ll never forget the experience I learned when I was only 33 years old and was involved in selling some senior life policies in California. I wrote 56 Life policies in the month of October and broke the company record that stood for many years. I even made the cover of our Insurance newsletter with a full blown color picture of myself. Big deal my wife told me and said get out and make some more money to feed our children.

You see, I had 200 leads in my front seat all rubber banded for different zip codes in the town of Vallejo, Napa and South San Francisco, California. The first week of October I gave 25 presentations and sold 20 life policies. You can say I was on a roll?/font>

And here’s the kicker?/font>By accident the mailing company mailed the same zip codes 3 times in a 30 Day period. To this day I’m not sure how this happen mailing the same zip code every 10 days over 3 times in a 30 day period.

Here’s what I discovered by accident…my response rate increased every time the zip code was mailed over those 30 days.

What’s the moral of the story…I found out that the more you mail an area your return doesn’t go down…it increases. In fact, I have proven to myself time and time again that with sequential mailing “frequency builds trust?/i> is a truism.

Let’s pause right here just for a moment?/font>

One Call Close Technique

Back in those days I usually had 2-3 leads on a street…I was selling Senior life policies of $4,000 to $8,000 per client. My presentation was short and I copied the presentation of an older salesman who trained me in the business by the name of Whitney Clingingsmith. (I’m not kidding…That was his name.) He always dressed in a three piece suit and he looked like a funeral director. In fact, many people thought he was one.

Our presentation was short…I had developed over the years a “One Call Close?and seven powerful closing phrases that I used throughout my Insurance career. I modified it somewhat when I started selling annuities to seniors.

Here’s just one example of my “One Call Closing Technique.?/font>

?/font>Mrs. Charles, we need to take an application on our first visit and get you happily enrolled in the program. Once I have your plan I will come back and go over it in detail and you will have 30 days right to examine the plan and if for whatever reason you felt you’re not ever going to die…and as you know…no one has a lease on life, I’ll refund your full first deposit, Fair enough? What’s your Social Security number? (I would just shut up and have my pen ready to write with my head down?

I remember once, I had an elderly lady sitting there for 10 minutes without saying a word after using this close on her. She finally said OK!

That one close along with my unique lead generating systems helped me build a multi million dollar Insurance Agency.

I also learned from Clingingsmith how to turn one lead on a street into 3-4 leads. That’s where I learned the magic word responded.

153 Leads Per Week?/font>

When I lived in California and just before moving to Utah I had 10 full time agents including myself all working leads. In fact, we generated an average of 153 leads per week using my system that I will show you later in this letter. You can appreciate how hard it is to have that many agents working full time on leads.

I was also known in my agency as a “lead junkie?and always had 50+ leads in my front seat of my car in a beat up old shoebox. Yes, you’re right I invested a lot of money in lead generating.

Here’s a side note…everyday I have agents call me who don’t have a clue how to generate leads like I’ve done in my Insurance career. They are totally depended upon someone else or company to generate leads for them.

If you’re in this position…don’t worry I’m about to change all that for you…GUARANTEED!

It’s not your fault. Since the day you got into this business, you’ve been taught to “prospect?or “market?in ways that simply DO NOT WORK, NEVER HAVE WORKED, AND NEVER WILL WORK!  Why?  Because everything they teach insurance professionals to do to get clients is pushy, obnoxious, and embarrassing.

Getting Prospects To Call YOU Is Easy…If You Know The Secret Formula!

  You see, success at getting clients, has everything to do with understanding the real secrets of direct response marketing…and nothing to do with cold calling, forcing clients to “give up?the names of friends and relatives, sending out mailers offering road atlases, etc.  Yes, whether you’re a first year rookie, or a thirty year beat up veteran, you will love to never again talk to anyone unless they have CALLED YOU!

#1 Authority on "Rapid-fire Postcard Drip Marketing" in the country. 

On his first campaign he helped us with we had so many calls on the first two days that I could barely go to the restroom with out another hot prospect calling our office.  On our last postcard mailing he did for us we mailed out 1,000 postcards and I swear we had 60+ calls.  We have a WINNER HERE!!

Randy Murray, GA. "Mr. Insurance" and founder of the Murray System of selling Insurance over the phone.



This story will astonish and amaze you!

The agent I’m referring to in the headline was a miracle he was still alive, let alone able to sell annuities. 

"How In-the-Heck does an 'Old Geezer' Insurance Agent, Needing a Walker To Get Around, Crippled by Arthritis, Can't Drive Himself because of Poor eye Sight, Still Consistently Write Over 2.5 Millon Every Year In IRA Rollovers and annuities and Still Only Works 15 Hours A Week...Doing What You Aren't"

Listen to this story?/font>

Million Dollar Producer with a Walker!

I met Ray years ago at an Insurance marketing Conference in Las Vegas which I was attending.  I went into the hotel conference lunch room and after getting my lunch I spotted a table that was about the only table open where a man was sitting eating his lunch.  I noticed that there was a walker by his chair, and I was told later he used it due to Arthritis and other health problems. After joining him at the table we struck up a conversation about marketing.    After some small talk he started talking how over the years he had sold millions of dollars in financial services.  He went on to say how he used a unique ?i> 3 step business building tool?used for over 80 years in another industry.

He wanted to talk about how he built client relationships using sequential marketing strategies, and I was sucking this knowledge up like a vacuum cleaner on steroids.

I had finally found the final piece of the puzzle.

  As we talked, the more I started getting mesmerized by his amazing story and how he had developed these unpublished “insider marketing?secrets that he was using.  He also, went on to explain how he used a ?b>3-Step Sequential Marketing System?/i> that he could turn on or off to produce more leads than he could handle.

(A little foot note here: If you’re not using sequential marketing and mailing in your business you’re losing at least 60-70% of additional revenue.)

He went on to say…it was an incredible “Client Attraction System?that anyone who knew the system could implement in less than a week in their business.

When he said that, he had me hooked like a fat old trout on one of my son’s fishing hooks, and I pleaded for him to tell me more?you see, I had been working and testing my own sequential direct mail automated system.

He went on to say that he discovered the Insurance business really is an easy business…once you know the REAL true principals of marketing and once you had the proper marketing tools and principals in place.

Finally, I said I needed to take a few notes.  I grabbed the first thing I could find, which was a stained and somewhat used paper napkin.  He went on to outline a number of principals that he had used in his previous sales industry to becoming one of the top dogs in the Insurance Industry.

What he was explaining to me was he had a ? Step Formula?/i> which generated qualified leads and appointments where ever prospect called him for an appointment.

We talked for about 45 minutes and we ended when the conference officials announced that the next seminar was starting. We parted and exchanged sales cards and I told him I would like to call him to discuss some ideas I had on marketing. He agreed and we both went our separate ways...

"Insider Marketing Secrets for Using Postcards"

Well, time went on and over a period of months we communicated via the phone.  I was still excited about learning more about his system. I assured him since we lived over a 1,000 miles apart that I wouldn't be his competition Finally, I was able to convince him to mail me samples of his marketing system what I refer to now as the ?-Steps To Multi-Million Dollar Production?which at that time I had only a rough idea of the contents.  He told me it was only in loose leaf form and he had a lot of notes and changes on it.  I said, “I didn’t care if it was on used toilet paper, and I was happy with anything he would send me. I told him I had five hungry kids to support and needed a mentor to help me.

I thought that might weaken him enough to part with his system.

Well a number of months went by and I didn't hear from him again, nor did I receive his package...

My Amazing True Story?/font>

Finally, a number of months later I received a loose leaf package that I had been requesting from this agent I met in Las Vegas.

This came the same day, my family and I were leaving for our annual vacation to America’s most beautiful lake, Lake Tahoe.  It’s nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains between California and Nevada.  We planned on staying in a friend’s cabin and basking in the sun for a week.  So, having just received this marketing information, and I hadn’t had the time to read it yet, I decided to take it with me.

 I don’t expect you to believe a word of what I’m telling you.  That is why I am going to back up everything that I’m telling you with irrefutable proof.  When you finish reading this report, you’ll know beyond any doubt that by using my “Ultimate Insurance System?will help you generate a steady flow of leads, with dozens of qualified prospects calling.


During the first afternoon while my wife and children were playing and swimming in the water, I started reading my friend’s information package he mailed me while drinking a soft drink lying on the beach.  I nearly choked on my soft drink when I realized that I could easily start using his sequential mailing marketing material for generating a ton of qualified leads using cheap little postcards and sales letters.

I discovered the “missing marketing link?/i> that day at Lake Tahoe.  I had just discovered an automated marketing system that would allow me to Out-Pace, Out-Sell, Out-Promote, Out-Perform and Out-Strategize every other Insurance agent competitor in my small town I lived and worked

I had just discovered a system that would allow me to use my marketing talents, to have a way to be in full control of my destiny.  I was thrilled!  I couldn’t wait to try out my newfound marketing discovery.

My Discovery was Eerie

When we returned to the cabin I retreated to the privacy of my bedroom and let my thoughts wander about this discovery.  After thinking about this new marketing system for a few minutes, I jumped up, grabbed a pen, and started writing on my yellow notepad.  The more I wrote, the more vivid my own system became.  It was eerie.  I still get goose bumps just thinking about it.  It was almost as though the plan had taken on a life of its own. 

 You have to remember I’d spent many thousands of dollars on different marketing courses and attending seminars in my industry.  So after studying marketing and business strategies for many years, I knew I had something HOT! 

In any case, just two hours later it was finished.  There it was right before me, a business-marketing plan that was so incredible simple and easy to follow that I could hardly wait to put it to the test. I had developed my own 3-Step automated mailing system which I refer to as the ?-Steps to Multi-Million Dollar Production™” for generating a ton of quality Insurance leads.  However I had to test it...


However, after sharing my new  "3-Step System"  with my wife (who was tired of me staying in the cabin attic bedroom and not being with the family), her only comment was, I needed to stick with my current marketing system for generating Insurance leads and stop dreaming about some new approach. Even my wife had said many times, “if we only had half the money you have spent on seminars, books and marketing course we would be rich?/font>


Of course I didn’t let her comment stop me because I was on a mission, and I’m so thankful I went ahead with the testing my new system.  Why? Because 10 days later after testing my new system and getting qualified prospects who all called me?/b> I wrote in commissions using my new system…hold your breath?/font>


“Wow!  It must be a lucky break! A fluke,?I thought to myself?Maybe I just lucked out, but if you think that’s great, it got even better!  But exactly 8 days later I made another?/font>


To say it honestly, I was amazed because I was working the system only a few hours a day.  Usually I would work 10 hour days.  I hadn’t even worked that hard or put in a whole lot of hours. Maybe I just lucked out, but if you think that’s great, it got even better!

The fact is, I worked smart not hard!  This is one of the things I’ll tell you about later.  When you think about it, isn’t that how all-successful people operate?

But that’s just part of the story.  As I was testing and perfecting my marketing system, in one 12-day span I made?/font>


Sounds incredible! My calculator says that averages out to $1280.71 a day.   All from using cheap little postcards that back in those days only cost 21 cents for the stamp.

IT GOT EVEN BETTER!  I was able to say goodbye to working long hours in the Insurance business and started running 3-4- pre-screen appointments per day.    I was able to spend more time with my family and do what I enjoyed doing, such as playing golf, skiing and taking short 3 day vacations.

If You Have 20 Minutes A Week I can Show You How One Agent Skyrocketed His Commissions to $132,125 in 7 Months by Using our 3-Step Postcard System Where Everyone Contacts You.?/span> 

The above headline is from an agent friend who I helped get back on his feet.  Let me explain. A while back, I had a down and out agent call and tell me that he had tried several marketing courses and their approaches and nothing seemed to work.  He then went on to tell me that his wife was even threatening to have him  go out and get a real job that had a steady check.  Can you imagine that!  She was tired of working 10 hour days and providing for half the family income, while he was messing around trying to get some prospects to go see.  Maybe you can relate to that!

Read on?/font>

To say the least, this agent was destitute...

After a long conversation on the phone with him, I determined that he needed a good marketing approach using postcards as a very low cost marketing approach.   However, all he had was $300 left for marketing.  And, whatever he tried, it had to work to keep his marriage together.

To say the least,  I felt  tremendous pressure to help this agent because as a self proclaimed “Senior Marketing Genius work and the creator of the 3-Step Postcard System™”,  I had to perform  So, I started outlining the strategies that  I had been using to generating a large amount of new financial business using a "3-Step Postcard System?".  Even though he was skeptical, he still kept asking more and more questions. I told him that I would help him if he promised to work the system.

He accepted the challenge.  His success was almost instant!

?/font>They were more excited than when the owners of Lassie had a litter of eight puppies.?/span> 

His wife was ecstatic.  They both called me on a speaker phone

The wife told me, and I quote, “The sky has opened up and rained blessings and money for us.?/i>  It sounds stupid, but that's what she said to me...In fact, they had enough money to pay off some debts that had been hanging around their necks and they were planning to take a week vacation in Hawaii.

Here are just three Marketing Techniques I had this Agent learn!

1.  A simple postcard that attracts a flood of new clients a week  offering a special consumer report!                       

 2.  A simple sentence to add to any Ad, Postcard, Brochure, Newsletter that increases response by 100%!!!

3.  How to get other  Professionals, Prospects, and current clients to refer new future clients to you for free. Boy does this   work!   

What happened to his income ?A whopping 200% Increase In His Commissions in less than 60 days!!! In fact his wife told me that his income in 7 months was over $132,000. I felt that my mission was complete.

Wait there's more...I had another member test another one of my marketing techniques that I was developing for my marketing system and he said,

?/span>It Wasn’t Until I Rolled Over A $150,000 IRA and A $25,000 CD That I Realized the Awesome Income Generated by using some of your Top Ten Postcards...?/span> He went on to say that he knew he was onto something big when he received a check for $8,750...And potential future commissions from the same client...

Two annuities for $440,000

Russ, I just wanted to send you a short thank you about your tax reduction program. Out of the one thousand piece mailer you sent out I got back 15 leads which were okay results. The good part though is that I made 8 appointments, and wrote two annuities for over $440,000 which will make me over $37,000 in commissions. I would say those are some pretty good numbers for my first week using your program. Needless to say I am ecstatic and I will be ordering more leads every week because these leads are a great door opener and this program works!

Thanks, Dave Bramwell  Tempe, AZ

Marketing Genius Reveals An Outrageously Successful Marketing Approach!

Now come closer!  I want you to keep this to yourself because if this marketing technique gets out it may delete the market.  I need you to promise me that you will not share this with any other agent in your office or in your community.  Because, if you do, you will be blowing it for yourself when you try this same technique.

The secret to our marketing system is the dripping effect our special postcards and letters have on prospects. We have found the more we send our special postcards to our prospects the response increases. In fact, according to the “National Sales Association?nbsp; it takes up to seven contacts before people respond to your offer.

We have found our best results are on a quality list of either IRA or CD Holders.  In addition, we now have a list of affluent widows.  We have special dripping campaigns for each niche.

The good news for you is that about 90% of all Insurance agents and financial advisors quite mailing after the first mailing if they don’t make a big commission.  This allows you a wide open field by doing a systematic and formulate marketing campaign.

Now back to the story. I sold him a highly qualified list of CD Holders who had CD’s maturing within 90 days.  I also showed him how to find the people who had annuities that were over one year old.  This secret alone is worth over $10,000 in new commissions monthly if you have the guts to follow my lead.

And I’m not done yet, I developed a special script for his voice mailbox that gets people excited about how to save money on taxes and on tax deferred income.  I also developed a special follow up phone and letter system that gave him a 75% appointment ratio.

I also gave him a “Million $$$ Sales Presentation?that would overwhelm most seniors who had CD’s maturing.

I showed him where to find the best marketing assistant that he could use to book and qualify all his appointments.  I gave him the secret behind how to double-book all his appointments, so he would always have 3-5 appointments per day.

The first month he got a check for $27,890...Not bad for his first 30 days using my system.  Now, I must tell you he wasn’t selling mortgage insurance, health Insurance or Final Expense where commission are only a few hundred  dollars.  He was selling annuities where the commissions were $2,000 to $4,000 per sale.

In fact, in just over twelve weeks his income was over $80,000. Can You Imagine?/b>This could happen for you too if you’re willing to follow simple instructions, because all he did was follow our marketing strategies you will discover.

The Bottom Line...

I gave this agent my marketing advice that I learned, tested and perfected over a 30+year period, along with spending thousands of dollars buying every marketing course available, attending seminars and spending thousands of hours studying and researching information from other marketing gurus. To say it to you bluntly...I love to study marketing strategies and help agents with their marketing campaigns.

While it’s true such enormous success doesn’t always happen so quickly…his success is NOT unusual. 

Just seeing this new Marketing System will?/span>

"Thank You!"

"I would like to thank you very much for this marketing program.  Thanks to your information I have a better telemarketing program and a much better long-term care presentation!"   - G. West

"What A Bargain!"

"Thanks for chatting with me the other day, and for being of service.  When I spoke with you about all these great things you were going to do for me I was concerned that an investment in your 'system' and 'knowledge base' would do very little for me.  I have LOTS of experience and do quite well financially, however I thought, 'what the heck' take a chance what can you lose?  WHAT A BARGAIN!"   - H. Shapiro


"Unbelievable!  I made over $18,000 in commissions my first 6 weeks after following your advice on postcards."  - S. Fountain

"A Million Thanks"

Russ, a million thanks for sending me your sales strategies CD's.  It is by far the best, the most comprehensive, and the best quality set of sales materials I have purchase to date.  You provide a great blueprint, a roadmap on how to get into, and thrive in the insurance business.  I still can't believe you sold me this material for such a low price.  I consider what you did for me a huge favor.  I recommend your process to anyone in our business.  Thanks again.  Jeff Baker, Sacramento. CA.



Click here for a special marketing message from Russ Jones on How to
Double you Income in Ninety Days or Less!


 157 Marketing Secrets and Strategies. Over 200 Pages of Power pack marketing strategies.

?/span>        The amazing Lazy Insurance Agent’s "3-Step Postcard System?/font>?to creating your first world-class ad, postcard and sales letter (How to quickly turn your hidden salesmanship skills into white-hot sales copy…even if you flunked bone head English.)

  • How to get four to eight referrals on every sale. Marketing Strategy # 31
  • A letter that pulled as high as 60% from a P&C agent. GREAT IDEA BUILDER! Marketing Strategy #138
  • How to Quickly and Easily Build Yourself a Marketing SYSTEM, that predictably, reliably, consistently, and AFFORDABLY provides you with more qualified prospects than you can handle. Strategy # 60
  • Get an avalanche of referrals (for under $50) using this proven, tested, already-done-for-you letter! Strategy # 136
  • The One Marketing ‘Secret?/font> That Makes your Efforts Five-Times More Effective! (In fact, it’s so painfully obvious that once it’s revealed to you, you’ll probably laugh out loud!  Strategy # 86

  • How one agent turned a $97 ad into a 45,975 commission.  Strategy # 16

  • How to focus every precious marketing dollar ONLY on the people who already want and NEED your services and who can easily and willfully afford your fees and commissions. Strategy # 71

  • Learn the secret one agent uses to mail out 25,000 FREE postcards each month. NO POSTAGE CHARGE! I will even show you how to put this on autopilot. Strategy # 49

  •  Sample letter that pulled 156 Leads to attend a seminar in Washington. Strategy # 157

That’s just a small sample of what you’ll find. There are 157 jealously guarded marketing secrets you can use. And remember…I have used most of these marketing strategies and techniques over the last 30+ years…I have been in the trenches just like you and have successfully dug myself out! I can honestly say I have seen the good, bad and the ugly in this business!

No one helped me when I started out...and I promised myself I would do whatever I could to make it easier for those who want to be successful in our industry. And share everything I've learned from the legends in marketing with sharing these strategies and "insider secrets" with you.

This is my fulfillment on that promise. This is the course I would have killed for when I started out.

You are giving this stuff away...

I just wanted to let you know that your course is chocked full of so much information that it is just crazy!!!!!  It is overwhelming when you get the information.  I have learned so much about marketing myself and business, and will no longer fall in the category of just being another typical insurance agent.  If there are any agents that are skeptical about your product, they should jump in with both feet. I know you have a money back guarantee, but that is not even a thought in my mind. Your course is worth hundreds if not thousands of times the cost you have set.  You are giving this stuff away!!!
Jason in NW GA.


$78,000 in a month

Russ, they worked!  I just sent my first postcard with a return card and the first response was 37 leads in the first week.  I am sending out 3500 every three weeks.  So all the leads will be added to monthly newsletter.  Last month we wrote $904,000 in annuities.  The first time in a long time made $78,000 in a month.  Our goal is to do $80,000 a month.  Thanks for all your help.

Russ, I took a combo of your postcards and combined them into one...with a direct response card back to our office.  I then sent out a letter stating our Rep would be in their area and would like to drop off some booklets titled, "10 Mistakes Retirees Make," "10 Things Bankers Don't Want you to Know About CD's," and "10 Mistakes Retirees Make In Estate Planning."

The next card mailed out is "The Number One Mistake IRA Holders Make On Taxes Causing Them a 50% Tax Penalty."

The third card headline is, "How To Triple The Value of Your IRA to Your Beneficiaries With The Stroke of A Pen...No Additional Money Needed."

Why not reply now, while this is on your mind...Call  Russ J. Jones  at 800-808-6551

Click here to print out  this report

Just seeing this new Marketing System will?/font>

MULTIPLY your Ability To Make More Money, Get a Constant Stream of New Clients, and Control & Dominate ANY Marketplace you are in!

This unique Marketing System is so incredible, that my most important job is simply to get you to believe me.  In fact, let’s not beat around the bush.  I know you may be skeptical ? I too would be! 

I mean, if your mailbox looks anything like mine, you probably get dozen of letters every month from the latest so-called “experts?in this industry who charge $1800 to $2700 for their systems; all who claim they can give you the goose that lays the golden egg.

And don’t get me started on those $100 per appointment lead setting companies and those Internet companies that sell the same leads to only three agents.  If you believe that you need to call me for some sad stories.

I know you have a right to be skeptical.  That is why I have gone completely out of my way to make it easy for you to see my entire complete Ultimate Insurance System in action yourself...and you may NEVER be in such a trusted, privileged position again.  (This is a limited offer I will be making to you -–it will NOT be made available to you for more than a few weeks ?but I’ll explain all of that in a minute.)

Now, finally, for the first time ever, ALL of our proven, little-known strategies, over 33 camera-ready postcards and 17 special reports, super-responsive ads, letters and complete sequential marketing SYSTEM, for creating your own constant stream of hot, fresh, new clients have been assembled into a true system rich in practical how-to-do-it strategies and marketing techniques.   I have developed the “Ultimate Marketing System?/i> that has proven to work for almost any agent no matter how many excuses they may have.

      When you get our entire marketing system and consulting benefits, you are given the scientifically tested postcards, letters, reports, and ads to run.  You will learn every last detail on how to set up your mailings, even the color and weight of your paper.   You are given telephone scripts that have been proven to work.  You are shown everything you need to do to build your multi-million dollar financial business. 

The biggest complaint we get is that there is so much marketing material to digest. New members are overwhelmed by the array of specific solutions to their problems.  But, as they say in the Ginsu knife commercial, that’s not even close to being all you get with the system…not even close! 

My System will reveal “hidden gold mines?/u> right there in your city or town, even untapped resources in your own financial service business that I guarantee you have no clue about.  Every one of the marketing strategies and tips will show you how to revitalize your business.  Attract really great new clients who have a need for your services.

         Over the last 12 years I’ve assembled the “World’s Largest Collection of Marketing Strategies and Tips?which I call the “Ultimate Marketing System.?It includes the following:

?/span>   ?/font>3-Steps To Multi-Million Dollar Production™”

?/span>    ?/font>3-Step Postcard System™”

?/span>     ?/font> 157 Marketing Secrets and Strategies Marketing Manual?/font>

?/span>     Our new “Annuity Pro Lead Capture Web Page and Email Automatic Responder System that drips on your   prospect via email.?/font>

?/span>       A “Client Attraction System?newsletter you can use to mail out to not only current client, old clients and prospects, but to a list of IRA and CD holders.  This newsletter is a lead generating piece that gets results for you.

You’ll receive weekly email newsletters that will give you  instant access to the latest, cutting edge insurance and annuity marketing strategies, which we are continually developing and testing. You’ll be keeping up to date on brand new marketing strategies as we discover and test them.

Let’s look at what our membership includes in our complete?/font>

?-Steps to Multi--Million $$$ Production" Manuals.                                                                                      

 This is a ? manual simple Step-By-Step guide for Building Life-Long Money-Making Skills.?/font>

Quite possibly the best guide EVER written on marketing for Insurance agents and financial advisors. You’ll learn more about marketing here in 3 hours than you would if you spent 2 long years and thousand of dollars getting your MBA. And the best thing is you don’t have to read the entire guide to start using it. You can learn one step, and immediately start using the applications. It’s a “use as you go?/i> format.

Almost immediately, you‘ll understand “the big picture?/i> of the 3-Steps formula before you even begin. It’s divided into 3 simple sections to match each of the 3-Steps.

 You’ll learn, step-by-step, the most effective and profitable ARM Lead Generation Marketing System ever used in the Insurance and financial business.

 You’ll learn all about the amazing strategy I call “Compound Prospecting.?/i> This ONE step nearly doubled my production when I learned it. From this day forward, you’ll never wonder why some agents get all the clients, while the rest have to live off their scraps ?wondering ?i>what am I doing wrong.?/font>

 You’ll learn how to build “Critical Mass? in your business ?the point at which you’ll be generating 70, 90, even 100% of your new business from the “market presence?/i> you have created. This step is so powerful; you’ll think your client-generation is on “auto-pilot.?How important is Step 3? This ONE step is responsible for one agent member over 8 Million in annuity business in 2006.

You’ll discover 37 ready-to-use lead generating systems and ideas to automatically bring you new clients. Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll get?/font>

?/span>        A fill-in-the blanks formula, known only by me, for selecting ONLY the most profitable, untapped markets to promote your services. Stop chasing dead or over-exploited markets!

?/span>        A classified ad that pulled in 21 leads over a 3 day period. (It works every time it ran!)

?/span>        A simple, multi-sequence farming system that generates up to 10 times more response than traditional, wasteful farming. Finally you can target-market farm profitably.

?/span>        A display classified ad that ran in the financial Section of a Major Newspaper and pulled 21 calls in 3 days.

?/span>        Actual ‘killer?examples of hot ads and postcards to illustrate every strategy I give you (ads and insurance marketing postcards which I have personally written and which have been a raging success - which means, they brought in a ton of moolah!) - plus, explaining WHY the strategy worked and HOW (and that’s on EVERY single example!)

You’ll learn how to get Referral, Repeat, and Word-of-Mouth business in the next month than you got all last year. No kidding! Here’s what I mean?/font>

?/span>         The amazing “Proof of Success? personalized postcard system.

?/span>          A 3-part formula, known only by me, to assure on-going referrals, repeat business, and word-of-mouth marketing the  network.

?/span>          The exact action-getting words you must put in every postcard and newspaper ad (you get an actual example of mine - everything laid out for you just like your loving mom used to lay out your pajamas and slippers for bedtime.

This was just a small sample of what you will learn in these 2 Manuals.

 The Million Dollar Producer's "3-Step Postcard System?quot; includes the Top Ten Postcards and Reports!

CD Rom of the ?-Step Postcard System™”

Due to overwhelming requests, we have compiled our best of the best postcards on a CD Rom you can copy and put to use the very first week you receive our course  You get your own personalized direct response marketing kit. It allows you to personalize the material to your exact market condition. This CD will save you time and make you lots of money! We also have a complete mailing service that you can use that will print your postcard, address and postage.  If you are on a shoe string budget we have a great plan for you also.

?/span>  Our proprietary .26 cent “Triple Response Postcard? that generates 2% response on a cold mailing list all over the country.

?/span>  Secrets of Selling Annuities Via the Mail Now you can use our direct mail annuity system that will generate annuity applications while you’re sitting at home relaxing. Step by step procedures will guide you every step for you.

?/span>  You’ll learn how a “California agent wrote over $8,000,000 in annuities with unique phone script, direct-mail letter and postcard!?Quick Start System to Generating 100 qualified Leads Per Month. I will give you the postcard, flier and telephone script an agent used to write $8 million in annuities, using statements like,  “Special Report reveals how you can bulletproof your CDs, pension, Social Security and other assets from the Feds.? I can’t even begin to put a price on this system. It was worth thousands of dollars for one of our agents.

?/span>  This report will give you a fast start system to generate 100 leads in the next 30 days! We have developed the “Lazy Agent’s Low Budget?step-by-step way for you to stuff the front seat of your car with leads. Includes: The top editorial ad that pulled a whopping 311 leads over a 10-day period. This system includes how to mail only 200 postcards and by using my door approach that I've had a 75% in the house ratio with widows, a phone presentation that generates an average of five appointments for every eight seniors called, plus my award-winning “Take No Prisoners, Show No Mercy?tax-deferred letter that made me thousands of dollars in additional commissions earlier in my Insurance career.

We’ve done it all for you. You can literally drop your name, address and phone numbers in place of ours and your marketing is ready to go. With this marketing course you Will also receive on CD’s the following:

Discover why MOST Insurance agents advertising and marketing FAILS and what to do about it.

Increase your Referrals by as much as 50% of your business for practically No Cost;

ADVANCED MARKETING STRATEGY #1: Why and How to “publish?your own special reports, books, tapes and use these tools to turbo-charge your marketing;

  33 Postcards (all you have to do is replace our name & phone number with yours.

  17 Pre-done reports you can use for mailing out to prospect people who have responded to your marketing

  15 Pre-Written Sequential sales letters ready to copy and use.

   9 Specialty Mail Pieces

  15 lead pulling newspaper ads for your newspaper

11 Pre-Written marketing and phone scripts-with just one of these scripts, even a 14 year-year-old child could book you people who will accept one of your free reports. (I received one of these scripts from a member in San Diego who has his high school son working two hours after school four days a week; he secures approximately 25 people a week who agrees to read a special report from his father.)

  Sample newspaper ads to hire a telephone marketing assistant to book all your appointments. She can even work out of her own home. I had one agent use this ad and had over 50 people respond.

 PLEASE NOTE:  We now have over 33 postcards and 17 reports you can start using the first week you receive our course.  In addition, we have a state-of-the-art Postcard mailing system that and it will do all your postcard mailings in about 20 minutes per week of your time.

Click here to view some of the postcards titles we have for you to use.

"$2,500 in 26 Hours!"

"Within 26 hours of receiving your material, I made over $2,500 in commissions.  Talk about quick payback!"   - J. Wilson Denver CO.

"It's Great!"

"It's great to see how well your 'Marketing System' is working for you and your members.  Generating qualified leads for insurance agents has always been a problem.  I highly recommend agents to invest in themselves by investing in your marketing system."   - B. Bishop  Mass.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you"

"I have been in business for 47 years, Million Dollar Round Table  for 25 years.  This is the best marketing program I have ever seen. I highly recommend it! You've been great on the phone answering all my marketing questions. For new and established agents it could change your financial life"   - Maurice Betman  CFP, CSA Bloomfield MI.



 FREE BONUS #1 You get the back issues of our “MILLION DOLLAR PRODUCERS NEWSLETTER?In these newsletters, you will receive marketing strategies, ready-to-use ads, postcards, letters and reports of “what’s working?from my Members all over the country.  

FREE BONUS #2 “How To Make $85,000 Annually in the Senior Life Market.?Generating Four or Five Daily Daytime Appointments Will Be a Cakewalk!

 FREE BONUS #3 Advanced Annuity Selling Strategies on CD -This system is for agents who specialize in Annuity Sales and who want to take it to the next level. Is a complete, turnkey, annuity lead generating and Annuity Sales System. You will learn techniques and strategies from some of the Top Multi Million Dollar Annuity Producers. Includes; Six Power Point Annuity Presentations. Over 200 power point slides.  Plus an Exclusive Seminar Workshop.  Why pay upwards of $1500 for this seminar marketing system when you can have it as a bonus. 

Includes the following auto pilot annuity marketing system:

?/span>    Over 200 pages of "Advanced Annuity Selling Strategies" with proven system of sales ideas, methods and    techniques used by the world's best Annuity Sale people.

?/span>    Million Dollar Annuity Producers reveal how they sell Millions in annuities using seminars.

?/span>    Learn the secrets of "How one agent produced $65,480 in Earnings with 10 Appointments a Month."

?/span>   How to target the "Baby Boomers" and seniors offering them a 24-hour voicemail 800 service to call.

?/span>    Receive 2 camera-ready Postcards, designed to create urgency in the mind of CD owners that one agent used to generate over $53,534 in commissions in just one month.

?/span>   Learn how one of the Top Million Dollar Round Table Agent Made over "One Million in Annuity Commissions in only six Months." Learn his secrets with 10 Principals of Selling Annuities."

?/span>   Receive 5 Power Point Annuity Presentations with one used by an agent who wrote over 8 Million in Annuities. Plus, receive Power Point presentations for Living Trusts, Medicaid Spend down, Roth IRA and a presentation from an agent who writes over $10 Million a year in annuities.

?/span>   Can you imagine learning the techniques, strategies and "insider secrets" of a 10 Million Dollar Annuity Producer? What would that be worth to you? (Value $100)

FREE BONUS #4 Direct, Personal, Service, on my Direct Personal Line.  1-435-563-4749

This is what one of our members had to say:  “Just a short memo to thank you for your help with my telemarketing script and newspaper ad. You went above and beyond to help my agency, just by becoming a member of your INNER CIRCLE. The CD vs. Annuity follow up phone Script which you custom made for me has already doubled my annuity appointments. Terry Elder, Houston

FREE BONUS #5 Weekly Agent’s Newsletter by email, filled with great ideas.  One agent called and said he wrote over $750,000 in annuities by using just one of our marketing ideas presented in our newsletter.     

FREE BONUS #6 a 30 day trial of our ?b>Annuity Pro Lead Generating Website and Email Auto Responder System?  Plus our monthly Client Newsletter which you can personalize with your information and picture. 

But wait…There’s more!!

You will have your own lead generating website where you can add your website address to all your ads, postcards, and sales letters. We will also send out to every prospect that enters their name and email address a series of  email reports all with your name and phone number on them. This is a pre-loaded auto responder that  follows-up with your prospects automatically.

The normal set up fee for a website and auto responder is$495.00.  However, for a limited time with our members we’re waiving the set up fee.

I sent out the “August Newsletter?(250 Newsletters)…Got 11 people in the first 5 days to request special reports? appointments were set. Just a note to let you know that so far this month off the card and newsletter we have 75 leads…awesome! Michael Smith, MO.

So, at this point you may be asking, “OK, I’d like to investigate this opportunity further, so what’s the cost of the marketing system??/i> Not a penny if you use it. Really!

For a limited time only Our complete “Ultimate Insurance System?is only $497.00 $397.00

You can also pay for the system in  4 payments of $121.00-billed to your credit card, plus $20.00 for 3 day Priority Mail. 

To sum it up, this is what you will receive with our “Ultimate Insurance System.?/font>

1.  3-Step Postcard System?br> 2.  157 Marketing Secrets and Strategies Marketing Manual and CD
3.  3-Steps To Multi-Million $$$ Production Volume 1 and 2 workbook and CD

 FREE Bonus #1  Back issues of “Million Dollar Producers Newsletter  $97
FREE Bonus #2
 $85,000 in Senior Life Workbook on CD  $95
FREE Bonus # 3  30 minutes of Personal phone consulting with Russ Jones  $350
FREE Bonus #4 
Advanced Annuity System & Seminar Package on CD  $100
FREE Bonus #5 
Million $$$ Producers weekly email  Newsletter  $99
FREE Trial   #6
Annuity Pro Lead Website and monthly Client Newsletter  Set up fee of $495 waived

TOTAL  BONUS  VALUE  $1,236.00



Every Superstar Has a Coach…Every Successful Person Has A System?br> If You Don’t Use our "Ultimate Insurance System" What Will You Use?

Every "Ultimate Insurance System" order placed before midnight tonight will receive our brand new "Annuity Pro Lead Generating Website and Auto Responder and we will waive the $495.00 Setup FEE In addition you will receive the first month. Limited Time Only! Click here to order


If someone had told me years ago they had a simple 3-Step business-building formula that could generate a steady flow of qualified leads that could be put on auto-pilot and allow me to write millions in Insurance business, HOW MUCH DO YOU THINK I WOULD HAVE PAID?  Much more than what our system costs.

You Will Make At Least 7 Times, And As Much As 15 Times the Cost Of The 3-Steps System On Your VERY FIRST Annuity Commission Alone. And my payment plan makes the system less than you spend on gasoline each month…certainly less than you spent on your last mailing or “image?advertising. How well did those do?

I’ve been around long enough to know you’re skeptical, and you may have been burned by empty promises in the past; I want you to feel comfortable in your decision to simply TRY our Marketing System.

After reading this report, call me with any questions.  Russ at 1-435-881-7138

72 Hour Speedy Response Bonus

This 72 Hour bonus includes the “Top Producer’s  Training Audio  tapes on CD Rom.  This bonus includes

  • “Totally Unique Million Dollar Sales Presentation.?/b> 

  •  “Million Dollar Renewal Retirement Plan.?/b>

  •  “How To Become Your Own Marketing Genius." 

  • "The $85,000 Final Expense Senior Life Insurance Presentation."

  • How a Million Dollar Producer reveals his Red, Green and Blue Presentation for rolling CD's  This complete CD system is loaded with slam-dunk methods to get prospects to come to you.  You will be the only financial advisor in the area that has seniors waiting on your front step.( Value $250)


Our 13 Month Million Dollar Guarantee

I am so convinced that our ?-Step Postcard System™” will help you increase your annuity production  that I am going to make you a no risk guarantee.

You Do Not Risk A Penny At Any Time!

Here is my GUARANTEE to you:  Order our “Ultimate Insurance System? and use our "3-Step Postcard System" and Client Builder System for up to 13 months and if you don’t write at least One Million in Annuity Premiums following our Quick-Start-Guide instructions we will refund your money.

If at anytime during the first 13 months I'm not completely head over heals, jumping up and down with joy, absolutely thrilled after using (keyword is "using") each aspect of my "3-Step Postcard System," I can send it all back and get a full refund of my purchase price.

All we ask is that you try our system. This refund is very straightforward.  No teeny tiny print.  No notes needed.

You Can See Everything For FREE…With This 13-Month No-Risk 100% Money-Back Guarantee.



If you want to become a member, and try a unique, yet proven way to build your business just  click on the order form online or call 435-881-7138 to order. We accept Via, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards. And you can pay all at once and save on shipping, or use the installment program I mentioned earlier.

Again, you can call me at 1-435-881-7138 to ask me any questions you might have.  If you are still skeptical, give me a call anyway.  Who knows, you might like what you find out, and if not, all you have spent is a little time checking this out further.   

You must act right now...Today!                                                                                                              

To Your Success,                               

Russ Jones                                                                                                          

 P.S.  You cannot lose on this deal: Try our System for thirteen months!  Again call my personal home office number at 435-881-7138. This is the closest thing you can get to an actual "set down", one-on-one meeting with a # 1 authority on sequential mailing of using postcards without spending hundreds or even thousands on a personal consultant.  I've answered all your questions before you've even asked them!  The only thing left for you to do is put the system to work for you. Click here to order.

P.S.S. One last thing- I have a limited supply of my Mentor’s CD who I call the ?i>89 Million Dollar Annuity Man.? He wrote over $89 Million in annuities in just six years. The CD is worth thousands of dollars to you if you will apply his techniques and annuity strategies.

P.S.S.S Still not convinced?  Then check out what other members are saying.

"I mailed out 6,000 total pieces and got 72 leads…Sold 1.1 Million in annuities and the cost of mailing was $2735…for a 2400% profit…That is why I’m hiring a new agent to work the leads." Bonnie Frazier,  MO.

On a really great note I used the Million Dollar Annuity Power Point Presentation and sold a $73,000 dollar annuity this week. I will get another $60,000 in annuity rollover business from the spouse this week. Steven Umphlett, Palmetto Wealth Advisors LLC

Russ, you're a marketing genius!  You're idea about a P&C Agency was amazing!  It's going to double my income over the next 90 days.  Jeff Spainhour, Houston, TX

PLEASE NOTE:  We do not offer any get-rich-quick schemes for agents who are not willing to make an effort to build their business.  If your dead broke our system will not work for you!  I'm sorry to tell you that!  In addition, any claims made by our testimonials will not guarantee you will do the same. Your results may vary based on your area, marketing and sales ability.


Great Western Consulting LLC. 550 East 100 South Hyde Park, UT. 84318
435-881-7138 FAX 800-397-3840
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            If you have any questions or ready to order please call Russ at 435-881-7138.

My email address is 

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